The actual Journey was one of the best reasons for having FIFA

  • The actual Journey was one of the best reasons for having FIFA 17 - including a compelling narrative towards the series.

    But Alex Hunter’s debut season wasn’t without having its flaws. We undergo what we’d like to notice in Season 2 -- and the tweaks it’ll have to make it even better come TIMORE 18. While playing because Hunter was fun, having the ability to create your own character will be incredible.

    Sadly, we know that is not going to happen this season - but we know you will be able to customise Hunter’s look. The extent of this is actually yet unknown - however expect to be able to change the youngster’s hair and add tattoos.

    Exactly what we’d like to see may be the ability to change his informal wear - and have this particular reflected in the cutscenes. Within Mass Effect, another APP game, players were able to do that with fifa 18 coins lead character Arranger Shepherd. At the end of FIFA 17’s The Journey, Hunter is known as up by the national group.

    As a result, expect the story in FIFA 18 to concentrate more on his international profession - as Hunter handles conflicts between club as well as country. We’d hope, exactly like in real life, it’s filled with ups and downs. Building on the player-choice system shown in the previous season- we’d expect to see crucial moments in time that possibly affect Hunter’s fate in case reacted to a certain way.

    Like Hunter could be pressurised in to going on a night out before the match. Choose not to proceed and he may go on to obtain man of the match. Cave in to temptation and he might be caught boozing and decreased. We’d also expect much more press conferences and conversation choices to allow players to raised shape how Hunter will be perceived by the global press.