Bank Stadium in

  • Bank Stadium in Minneapolis for 2016. And next year will  NBA Live Coins bring the $1.5 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Sean M. Haffey/Getty These buildings are in use no more than a couple dozen days each year, and they are built, in most cases, with substantial contributions from taxpayers. They are incapable of achieving many of

    their supposed purposes—creating economic stimulus, providing public space—but they sure make imposing if not especially enduring monuments to owners. (“Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”) This boom will reach its apogee with the expected 2019 opening of Stan Kroenke’s $2.6 billion Los Angeles Stadium

    and Entertainment District at Hollywood Park. (Two-plus billion buys you quite a mouthful.) That real-estate development, which will include offices, restaurants, TV studios, luxury hotels, and a theater in addition to the stadium, is nothing less than the reason the Rams were allowed to leave St. Louis last January. The proposed shared Chargers/Raiders building in Carson, Calif.? A puny $1.78 billion project. Hence owners’ preference for Kroenke’s relocation application, and the Chargers’ looming status as his tenants. As Franchises Move, Fans Are Left in the Lurch An observer from outside the sports world could

    reasonably conclude that the is in actuality a trade group for land barons, and Buy NBA Live Coins that the game of football is a front. Most owners seem to aspire to little more than keeping up with the Joneses—Jerry and Stephen, in this case. Each new stadium and each renovation pushes existing stadiums toward supposed obsolescence, hence the recent