from mid-range. As a team, the Spurs are in the middle of the l

  • from mid-range. As a team, cmiddle of the league in threes NBA Live Mobile Coins made per game and bottom five in threes attempted.A stretchy big could maybe open up the offense even more for a team that already scores with relative ease. Again, it’s all about flexibility, and spacing the floor even more for Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard could bring the Spurs closer to a top-five offense.Knicks: A chair… because Phil Jackson needs to sit down, preferablyon that oversized cushion he always had when he was coach of the Lakers. Jackson certainly struck gold by drafting Kristaps Porzingis, but he’s been far from a smashing success during

    his tenure as Knicks president. Phil’s coaching credentials are unrivaled, sure, but in his current job, he’s in no position to be doing his condescending schtick with guys like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, and then, in the case of LeBron, offering a weak-ass apology. The Knicks have been a pleasant surprise this season, but Jackson still has a lot of work ahead in order to turn this team into a contender.Sixers: A new jokeI’m sorry, but I’m really tired of all The Process

    stuff. Just let it go! Sam Hinkie is gone, but his shadow hangs over this franchise like the weird cloud bad guy from “Doctor Strange.” I think Joel Embiid is a legitimately funny dude, but surely he has more material than turning every situation back to some kind of Process reference. Let’s get this team something new to joke about for 2017. NBA After The Process: Meet Sam Hinkie 2.0 Nets: A time machineThe Nets need something that will allow them to simulate through the next couple of seasons like your Plan B 2K franchise. After a plucky start to 2016–17, this team has become as depressing as we expected, punctuated by Larry Nance Jr.

    yamming over Brook Lopez on Wednesday night. If a time machine seems unrealistic, maybe someone can get this team a pony. I don’t know. They just need something nice.Lakers: A third girlfriend for Lou WillDoes Lou Williams still  Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins have multiple girlfriends? He’s balling right now! Or maybe he’s playing so well because he doesn’t have multiple girlfriends anymore...Pelicans: Another $130M for Anthony DavisBecause he’s doing the work of multiple superstars every night in carrying the Pelicans.How the Warriors could lose to LeBron, Spurs or Thunder